Can I personalize my home?

Yes, each home can be personalized to meet your exact specifications through an extensive selection process.

Can I make custom structural changes?

We have several custom changes available to our customers which cover a variety of needs.

Will you use my plan if I already have one?

Let us take a look. We have invested hundreds of hours into every home we offer in order to maximize functionality and feel. Due to feedback from thousands of customers, we understand the way people live. In addition, our homes are not only more functional, they are typically thousands less than a custom home. Plus our plans are FREE to our customers. It's important to understand all of the facts prior to making your decision. Please contact a Sales Counselor to discuss your options.

Why is my custom plan more expensive than one of your plans?

We have already drawn, estimated and value engineered each of our plans. Those costs have already been absorbed, therefore they don't cost you a penny which allows you to save even more.  

You must be building a cheap, inferior home at these prices.

This couldn't be further from the truth. Many of the contractors we use to build our homes are the same contractors that work on multi-million dollar homes. In most cases the same materials are used in our homes as you would find in multi-million dollar homes. The difference is experience. We have perfected affordability through value-engineered plans and proven, industry-leading management systems. Combined, these allow for a streamlined process, purchasing power and quality control that eliminate thousands in wasted expenses.

Is this a modular or mobile home?

No, each semi-personalized home is built using traditional construction techniques built on your lot from the ground up.

Will the foundation be engineered?

Yes, once the location of your home has been determined, the finalized plans will be sent to a structural engineer. The foundation engineer will then design a foundation that is specific to your site and soil conditions.

What type of foundation does the home sit on?

Each home sits on an engineered post-tension foundation. This costs more than a typical foundation, but at Conaway Homes, we consider it an insurance policy. If a home is built on and around a sound structure, it will last.

Are your homes energy efficient?

Yes, they are built to exceed today's energy-efficient standards.

Why are your homes not Energy Star® certified?

The Energy Star® guidelines are continuously changing, and so are the certifications and inspections. Thousands could be spent to certify a home that may already exceed the specifications. We choose not to spend the money to have the homes certified, while we do choose to construct a home that exceeds today's energy standards. (If an Energy Star® certification is important to you, we will be glad to have it certified at an additional cost.)

How can it be that your plans are more functional than other builders? 

We have built homes that thousands of families have lived in, including our own. Through this experience we have an extreme understanding of furniture placement, electrical switches, walk ways, visual site lines and more. Every plan we offer is designed around the typical furniture that our buyers use and the way they live. We've seen master bedrooms in 3,000 sq. ft. homes with virtually no place to place a king size bed or night stands. Others builders have designed living rooms without furniture placement allowing for invisible walkway (hallways) which greatly reduced the functionality of the room. We've stood at the grand entrance of a multi-million dollar show home where the most important welcoming site line was that of a toilet. With Conaway Homes' experience, each home has been meticulously thought through to maximize pleasantness, through improved site lines, natural light, furniture placement and functionality.

Why are some basic things not included in your homes?

We understand that everyone is different and that everyone has their own unique needs. Some need space while others may choose to have premium amenities such as granite counter tops. At Conaway Homes, we have nicely equipped each home to meet most buyer's needs. We believe that the customer should choose what's important and we choose not to dictate what they get or don't get. When you purchase a Conaway Home, you pay for only what's important to you and nothing else.

What is the difference between cost-plus and fixed pricing?

With cost-plus pricing, a builder builds your home with no locked in price. You will get a ballpark estimate, but there is no incentive to keep you on budget or eliminate waste because the builder is getting paid for it anyway. With a fixed price, this is much different. There is builder ownership and it is important that the job is run efficiently because it's all coming out of his pocket. Typically, with a fixed price, your builder is going to be much more organized with an estimate and selections, because it's important that everything has been figured before the price is fixed. The advantage with fixed pricing is that the builder assumes all of the risk of added expense surprises, and the customer does not.

Do you offer a fixed price?

Yes, Conaway Homes does offer you a fixed price prior to contract.

Why is your quality better?

A commercial pilot uses a checklist every time he/she flies even though it's as routine as driving a car. This is done because people tend to overlook things when they don't have a checklist. At Conaway Homes, we use quality checklist with hundreds of items to inspect. These inspections start before the slab is finished and follow construction to its completion. Each of these key items are checked against our strictly defined standards. This ensures that each home is consistent and eliminates most all of the problematic areas that our customers have had within their homes. With over one thousand homes built, we have one of the most-extensive knowledge bases anywhere, and are always looking for improvements.    

What is

Professional Construction Logistics Software which was developed exclusively by Conaway Homes. In the early 2000s, Brent and Brian Conaway searched across the country to find a software system that would act as the communications hub for the company. It didn't take long to figure out that there were many great software applications out there, but they didn't communicate with each other. It was decided that one needed to be created by a builder for the builder. Both Brent and Brian worked closely with Group M7 and in the late 2000s had created the industries most-unique software which ties all aspects of construction together. It is a communication hub for the entire company, its contractors, suppliers, customers, accountants, banks, estimating, web site and more. Every decision, every item, every reaction is directed through the hub in real time, including material pricing, scheduling, orders, payments, draws, estimates, warranty and even lawn maintenance.

What can do for me as a customer?

Once you enter into a contract, you will immediately have access to a personal Web page where you can track progress, review your selections, search your warranty manual, etc. All items are there for you to use day or night. If you want to know your trim paint color after five years, just look it up. Everything has been archived for you.

Is everything included in the price of my home?

No, if you have your own lot or purchase a vacant lot, then a FREE BOYL site evaluation will need to be completed by your personal builder. In his evaluation, he will look at the items that are unique to your specific building site, including restrictions, and will provide you with an estimate to make it a Build Ready Lot.

What does “Build Ready Lot” mean?

Build ready means that a BOYL Site Evaluation has been completed, accepted and added to the vacant lot price. Once a Build Ready Lot, only the customer's personal selections will affect the price of the home.

What is included within a “Build Ready Lot?”

The price of a Build Ready Lot includes all items specific to the individual lot including, but not limited to lot clearing and pad, dropped foundations, retaining walls, sewer or septic, sewer and water tap fees, permits, environmental fees, electrical connections, water connections, sewer connections, driveway to street and neighborhood restriction or neighborhood standard features. Neighborhood restrictions and neighborhood standards may include items such as landscaping, grass, fence, roof slope and shingle style, mailbox, driveway approaches, garage locations, etc.     

Is the home move-in ready when complete?

Yes, every home is 100% complete and move-in ready.

Who will be my main contact through the process?

You will have a dedicated New Home Specialist guide you through process. They will act as the liaison between you and your personal builder.

What if I don't have a lot?

No Problem. We have an extensive network of Realtors, land owners and developers, most of which are not listed with a local Realtor®. We will be glad to help you find a lot.

Where do you build?

We Build On Your Lot or ours within approximately 25 miles of the Greater Longview Area and the Greater Tyler Areas, in East Texas.

What does proactive warranty service mean?

At Conaway Homes, it's important that your home meets both your expectations and ours. With our proactive warranty service, we automatically schedule two appointments after closing so that we can review and address any concerns you may have, as well as inspect your home to ensure that it is meeting our expectations. It's important to us to ensure that each home adheres to the strictly defined standards as outlined in our detailed Home Owner's Manual. Our proactive warranty services is another way for us to ensure that each home performs to our standards.